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What are the Effects of Dispersants On Coatings?

Jun. 30, 2021

As a Manufacturer of Polyetheramine, I would like to share with you.


This is an index to measure the characteristics of the coating film. The higher the gloss, the stronger the reflection.

For the gloss of high-quality coatings, the particles cannot be larger than 5 microns, and the maximum is 3 microns. The ink cannot exceed 1 micron. The large particles in the coating either cannot be effectively dispersed, or flocculate, or stimulate crystallization during the preparation process. Polymer dispersant can also reduce the large particles formed due to flocculation and improve gloss.

Ashless Dispersant

Ashless Dispersant


This is a characteristic of the coating film. The higher the transparency, the easier it is to see the bottom layer. The higher the hiding power, the stronger the hiding power to the bottom layer.

The amount of light reflected and passed on the surface determines the hiding power or transparency of the paint. The type of pigment and the degree of dispersion have an impact on this. Due to the influence of refractive index and particle size, covering pigments have a greater influence on reflected light.

Polymer dispersant improves transparency by affecting pigment particle size distribution (more uniform and narrower). For titanium dioxide, high refractive index and large particles can effectively reflect and refract light of various wavelengths. The addition of polymer dispersant can increase the surface area (reduce agglomerates, reduce particle size), and can further improve the hiding power. For transparent pigments, the polymer dispersant improves the particle size distribution and allows more light to pass through (increase transparency).


Compatibility is important because good compatibility enables coating manufacturers to produce dispersion systems for many different types of resin products.

polymer dispersant can increase the pigment concentration, not only increase the yield, but also reduce the potential media incompatibility problems from the grinding of the color paste to the final product. Therefore, especially under the condition of using highly compatible resin, the polymer dispersant expands the application range of the base coating. This is very important for the production of mixed colored coatings.


Leveling is the ability of a paint to spread on a specific surface. Paint surface defects are usually caused by surface tension and occur relatively quickly. Brush marks in decorative paints are usually caused by insufficient leveling.

Because the pigment particles are more stable under the action of the polymer dispersant and the leveling property is increased, the Newtonian fluid properties can be improved. Good for leveling.

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