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How to Choose Effective Fuel Additives?

Jul. 29, 2021

These additives prevent the accumulation of dangerous deposits in the fuel system. As gasoline prices climb, drivers often try to save money at gas stations by buying the cheapest fuel. Certain types of fuel may meet minimum federal standards, but may not provide adequate protection for your engine and fuel system. Even the best fuel can leave deposits on important fuel system components. Effective fuel additives are an effective way to save money and protect vehicles. As a Manufacturer of Polyetheramine, I would like to share with you.

Know your engine components

Deposits can cause combustion problems and reduce engine performance. The intake port fuel injector has a micro orifice designed to provide atomized fuel spray. When particles accumulate on the component, the spray pattern becomes irregular, and the mist forms large droplets, making it more difficult to burn. In addition to the loss of fuel economy, the engine may also experience lag, stall and overall performance degradation. For direct fuel injection systems, the ports are located in the combustion chamber, and heat can bake deposits onto fuel system components. In this case, higher-strength detergents are required. Dirty direct fuel injectors may cause hot spots in the engine, leading to increased pre-combustion and compression ratios.

Polyetheramine for Sale

Polyetheramine for Sale

Fuel additives contain one or more cleaning agents that can clean these components while helping to prevent new or additional buildup. These cleaners are used to remove deposits on intake valves, injectors and carburetors, and other fuel system components. In addition to additional protection, these additives can also restore the overall performance of the engine and help reduce the carbon footprint.

Fuel additives that contribute to other aspects of engine performance, in addition to removing deposits, may also contain other ingredients besides detergents, such as lubricants and friction modifiers. You should verify that a specific formula is applicable to your specific engine. Understanding the formula, processing rate, cleaning ability and other components will help you get the most benefit when choosing fuel additives for cleaning the fuel system and improving engine performance.

Types of fuel additives

There are many types of fuel additives available for various applications. Each product is designed to solve a specific problem.

Gas treatment

The gas treatment agent contains polyisobutylene or PIB. They are formulated to improve the quality of the gas you use by removing harmful substances such as carbon deposits and water that can dilute the fuel. These products are designed to improve fuel economy by increasing miles per gallon, while also helping to prevent fuel lines from freezing. Gas treatment agents are usually the least expensive additives and are added to the tank before filling up.

Injector cleaner

The injector cleaner contains polyisobutylene amine (PIBA). These formulations are an advancement in gas handling and provide additional benefits. These fuel additives are designed to remove blockages and other deposits in the engine's injectors, helping to restore performance to an optimal level. Compared with gas treatment, fuel injector cleaners generally have excellent cleaning strength and have a longer service life between applications. The fuel injector cleaner is added to the fuel tank when the fuel is changed.

Fuel system cleaner

Fuel system cleaners usually contain polyetheramine or PEA, which are top fuel additives. PEA is the strongest cleaning agent. Compared with PIB or PIBA, it can clean and protect more components, especially direct fuel injectors. The formula of these cleaners can remove blockages and other deposits while restoring the entire fuel system to its original state. These cleaners may be the only cleaners that can deal with serious problems. When changing the oil, add fuel system cleaner to the fuel tank.

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